Dreaming it up

Did you ever have an idea or inspiration? Me too, plenty. But sometimes I didn’t know how to get to get started or how on earth I could get it done. That’s where the concept for our business came from.

So, what goes in to taking an idea and bringing it forward to reality? Here’s a few of my thoughts in this blog.

Start with a plan (and know it’s most likely going to change!).

Start by outlining your goals and objectives and make them as clear as possible. This brings your project out of the fuzzy realm of dream land and into the beginnings of reality.

One of our recent clients wanted to renovate their master bathroom. They had waited 30 years for the timing to be right. So when we were asked to help we started out with understanding why they wanted a new bathroom and what they liked and didn’t like in their current one. They loved their tub, wanted a bigger window but needed privacy, wanted to keep all their storage but make it more accessible, and wanted to get rid of the draftiness and needed a better fan. Low maintenance was key too.

So we got to work outlining the design and plan:

  • Gut the bathroom to the studs to allow for all new plumbing, electrical and insulation to be brought up to code

  • Refinish the tub

  • Custom vanity and cabinets

  • New tile shower surround and floor

Know your budget and set a little aside for the unexpected.

During the design phase of this project, we researched lots of tubs but they settled on refinishing their existing tub because it was 25% of the cost of any other tubs they liked. They also opted to forego the new window since their existing window was in good shape (more on that later). And they choice economical tile on the floor but splurged on decorative tile in the shower. By having their budget to work with they were in charge of which choices to make.

Don’t get bogged down in unnecessary details.

There’s a time and place to figure out where you’re going to hang the portrait of Uncle Joe or what thread count of sheets to get for the guest bedroom but it’s typically down the priority list when it comes to the design, planning phase. Understanding which details you do need to know is important though. For example you don’t need to know which towel racks you want to use but knowing where they will be means we can add blocking in the walls so the towel racks can easily be installed and will stay put. Taking the time now to address those types of details pays off big time as the project moves along.

Expect surprises

There are always a few! In the case of this client, they were aware the flooring and joists may have needed to be replaced but when we took down the sheet rock on the exterior walls, we found that the exterior sheathing and structural framing had significant rot...oh boy!. So we got to work re-framing most of one of the exterior walls.


It was an emotional set back and a bit of a shock to see the degree of rot but, they hung in with it. In fact, since we had to remove the existing window, they opted to replace it with a larger window and check off one of their initial goals.


Know that this too will end

There comes a point in every project where you just want to get it done! I’m probably the queen of saying (whining) to my husband on our own projects, “when’s this project going to get done? Ugh”. So, be prepared for things to take a bit longer.


In the end our clients had expected to have their project done in a matter of weeks but it longer because of the repairs needed on the wall and changes made along the way. Now that it’s done, they love their new bathroom and are already talking about the next things they want to do.